Our Story

In 2005, SatisFIND pioneered measuring the Customer Experience using insightful feedback to improve the overall experience. SatisFIND was founded on a simple belief that every business owner cares about customers, that no service employee would willingly want to dissatisfy a customer, and that every customer deserves the best service possible.

Combining her expertise in brand management and qualitative market research, Michelle Perez Patel redesigned a 75-year old research methodology called Mystery Shopping when she founded SatisFIND at the age of 27. She began advocating the value of understanding the experience delivered by the brand to the business community in the Philippines, while at the same time, educating them about the perils of using an audit approach to solve the problem of poor customer experiences.

Audits are never empowering for the frontliners. Due to this outdated thinking, employees interpret receiving customer feedback as a negative experience.

We can never solve the age-old problem of customer service if the mindset creates fear among frontliners being audited by Mystery Shopping.

Audits create more distrust between the management and the frontliners who represent the brand to customers every day.

Michelle Perez Patel

SatisFIND focused on asking the unbiased questions that resulted in meaningful insights for businesses. It went beyond compliance checking, by offering an in-depth understanding of the frontliner-customer relationship. Every feedback shared through SatisFIND is a story of a customer’s experience with the brand. While the practice of sending anyone to pretend to be a customer was common in the industry, SatisFIND made sure that they only invited real customers to share their feedback. Michelle explains that in an audit, the evaluators would pretend to be a customer. The questions asked were limited to objective questions, as it was not possible to ask insightful questions from an evaluator who was not a real customer.

Mystery Shopping is a research methodology that later evolved into its own industry.

It stood the test of time, which validates the timeless relevance of the methodology.

However, the diminishing quality of its execution is affecting the value it brings to solve business problems.

Michelle Perez Patel

In 2008, SatisFIND expanded to India when it merged its operations with Kaiz Hospitality Services, one of India’s pioneers in Mystery Shopping, led by Kaiz Patel. Together, the husband and wife co-founders worked closely with various organizations across industries. They have uncovered more deep-rooted issues, while conducting their customer experience research and training for the organizations they worked with.

In 2014, they met Gabe Baradi, and collaborated to include Learning and Leadership Development in SatisFIND’s solutions.

Though the intent to deliver better experiences for customers may be present, the mindset to equally take care of the employee experience continued to lag behind.

Employees feel valued by their employers when they receive training. However, customer experience training, in its current form, is broken, due to its logistical costs and ineffective content.

Continuous learning focused on actionable lessons is the innovative strategy every business needs.

Gabe Baradi

In 2018, Gabe Baradi and Alex Alabiso joined as co-founders, preparing SatisFIND to enter a new phase in its journey as an end-to-end Trust Experience Management™ platform for businesses, employees and customers to connect meaningfully.

At the core of improving the experience of the customer, is the experience of the employee. Both are important for better business performance.

SatisFIND has created a new category called the ‘Trust Experience’, where both frontliners and customers are seen as equals, in our ultimate quest to reach consistent customer delight.

Trust is the foundation of meaningful experiences that keeps us human.

Michelle Perez Patel

As SatisFIND’s Technology Architect, Alex Alabiso is overseeing the technology that enables 15 years of knowledge and research insights, transformed into real-world solutions to elevate the Trust Experience.

SatisFIND is the world’s first Trust Experience Management™ platform, transforming authentic feedback and insights into measurable action, supported by an immersive upskilling experience for employees.

We can build a stronger frontline team when we support them with solutions that empower, keep them engaged, and allow them to have shared ownership to bring consistent Customer Delight.

Kaiz Patel

SatisFIND now has a community of customers across 24 countries. SatisFIND is the holistic solution that enables good businesses to stay in business, keeping brands crisis-proof during this time and beyond.