About Us

SatisFIND is the world's first Trust Experience Management™ Platform, powered by real customers, enabling better business performance at the frontline.

SatisFIND created the ‘Trust Experience’, where customers and frontliners feel safe in the environment, there is care from excellent customer service, and sincere desire from empowered frontliners to help customers find value from the brand.

Unlike other customer experience solutions that gather and analyse data, SatisFIND transforms genuine insights from both customers and employees into store-level SatisACTION plans and on-demand upskilling to accelerate results. An elevated trust experience that begins at the frontline, creates a new generation of an empowered workforce, delighting customers every day.

Our Mission.

Build meaningful human connections.

Our Vision.

To empower businesses and frontliners to create meaningful human connections with everyone they serve, through a global SaaS experience management and learning platform powered by real customers.

Our Core Values.

Trust. Here for each other

Working as a team requires trust and respect, paving the way to personal and professional growth.

Fairness. Everyone can win

A giver mindset will lead us to choose what is fair for everyone, all the time.

Empathy. Hear the story

Connect with sincerity and kindness with others. Ask the difficult questions and listen to understand. Stay curious, everyone has a story to tell.

Openness. Embrace Feedback

Accepting and offering feedback is the foundation of effective communication. We empower each other through kindness and honesty in our words.

Excellence. Lead the future

We live and breathe customer service. Our purpose defines our work every day. We build solutions to create a better world for our customers.

Humility. There are no small jobs

Through meaningful and collaborative work, we foster the entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone has a role to play and we grow by learning from each other.